In this interactive documentary we wanted to use an analogy between the stages of a car manufacturing process in SEAT's old assembly line and the topics our characters refer to.

Navigate through the assembly line

You can navigate through the assembly line in two ways: dragging the cursor across the screen or through the colors you'll find on the upper left corner or on the lower scroll. This scroll also is a status bar and its coloring will increase according to the amount of content you have seen of each topic.

Once you have seen the introductory video of a topic, the workers in that section of the assembly line will be activated and you'll be able to access their video. In this video they will tell you their experiences and thoughts. There will be moments, were you'll have the option to access a series of extras, such as: documents, pictures, video excerpts, etc. When the video finishes a personal information form of the worker will show up, from where you can access the videos of this character referring to other topics, or remain in the same topic but change the character talking about it.

If you return to the assembly line you can keep navigating through the different sections and characters as just described above.

Navigate based on your own story

Through this option you can discover the movie based on your own story. The application allows you to generate a text (90 words) in which you can write about your opinion on today's working conditions and the current crisis we are experiencing.

The tool will detect a series of keywords in your text and will generate a video (with your text in form of subtitles) of about 40 seconds and afterwards a movie of about 15 minutes, also related to your story.

Section: 'My story'

At the end of the assembly line, or on the lower menu, you'll be able to access the 'My story' section, where you'll see a panel on which you can find the different stories people have submitted and where you can generate your 40 seconds video, without generating the following 15 minute movie (this will only happen if you choose to 'Navigate based on your own story' on the homepage of this web documentary).

The final piece

The section where you can access the video-epilogue which concludes this web documentary.

We hope you enjoy SEAT. The shadows of progress